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Links to FreeSpeechForSale.com from your web site will provide you Guilt Free Conscious, Eternal Enlightenment and a +2d8 increase on your Karma D&D rating on ALL transfered captured audience transfers (TCAT) that originate from your site.

1.) Sell Your Soul (Sign Up).
Obey Our Every Desire. Submit To Our Whims And Faults. (You've done it before, don't be shy) Complete our easy online application. When we receive your application, (and if we deem you worthy) we'll send you an email with instructions on how to create your links to FreeSpeechForSale.com!

2.) Copy A Link.
Choose from a variety of banners, logos and text links - the code is created automatically. Copy the code into your site's html source file, upload, and the banner appears on your site! You don't need to be an HTML expert - creating links is simple! Or give us access to your domain (login:password) and we'll take care of Everything, at no cost to you! (except all your property) We promise not to sell your children into slavery, sometimes. It's about 50/50 of course we've been low on cash recently with this release so unfortunately there have been quite a few kids falling into the subworld of manufacturing, ok fine it's only 1 out of every 250 kids which doesn't get sold into slavery, but think of the plus side, you will have direct links to FreeSpeechForSale.com, you can always have another.

3.) Start Earning Nothing!
Every time a visitor to your web site clicks through the FreeSpeechForSale.com banner on your site, and makes an unlawful download at FreeSpeechForSale.com, you earn nothing from any of this, but you can feel better about the millions of dollars you've wasted in your lifetime on the crap you've bought at the whim of your child or maybe it was your own whim! You know what i'm talking about, you were 10 and you yelled and yelled and made your parents look like horrible parental units cus you wanted the latest _____ (insert toy here) which you saw on tv a half hour prior. Look you know your scum, so just downlnoad the stuff FreeSpeechForSale.com makes available to you, contemplate their messages, and make up your own mind. Heck maybe we're the crazy ones and you can return to spending the day after thanksgiving in some line somewhere, buying something which you will have deposited into the recycling bin before the december holidaze. At any time, feel free to check up with your FreeSpeechForSale.com rewards program by loggin on with the user name and password YOU select!

We fulfill orders, ship the product, handle customer inquiries, track your commissions, eat all the initial costs and you make the product, all we ask is that you forward the knowledge to all parties which will baulk at the audacity of our acheivements. It's simple, and there's no limit to the amount of Karma you can collect, cus karma means nothing, but you buy into it so go f yourself!

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4. Or ask us to Help You! (your login:password required)

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